And i should not forget the day he stepped into my life,

nor should i forget the lies he told me to keep me close..

And the Goddest in me was put in a cage when he left,

he left in a such hurry like he was running from me.

Am i the wrong to love him

or to hate him for needing him?

He who knew me so well,he who touched like no one else new how,

he the bad one who was so good at being bad.

And me for loving the both of him.

Such a nasty place to be,in the arms of a loved one and at the same time running for your life..

Running to keep your heart untouched,

after he broke it in so tiny pieces..

I don't even know who i am .. Am i the same after him?

He hit me so fast,his memories not leaving my mind,

his words pretending to love me..

Such a lie , such a bizarre thing to be..